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For my thousand dreams and broken wing,
As some final words what would you sing?

How gentle I was or how righteous my acts,

Scattering words
I pick them up one by one
Put it into my magic box
Pour a barrel of paint

I'd hold your hand then,
As soft as touching a newborn's fingers,
I'd feel sweatdrops in our palms,
Cherishing pure magic in us that lingers!

Life has moved forward,
Time turned to five seasons,
But I stand here still.

The heart concealed
Behind the facade,
Desire for him
Beneath the moustache,

Behold! The mighty Common Man!
Coming to show what no one can,
Stole our hearts within a short span,
Wishing to drive our fuel-less van!

A deep sigh!
The crawling time spits back,
Eyes wither, crumbles between,
The endless memories,

The blue marble roof!
With a golden chandlier
The big wide sky spread!
Tiny fluffy white cusions

Iniyum Janikkatha Kaviyaanu Njan
Iniyum Marikkatha Kaviyanau Njan
Madhuramam Ormathan Mashipuratti
Jeevitha Thalukal Cheenthinokki

She is a small yellow flame,
She does not fear! You dry wind of rules mortal!
From your unknown valleys of culture
As you come with chain to bound

Inside the grave, he's disturbed,
Turning sideways, haunted nightmares,
Startled and sweating, he opened his eyes
From beneath the soil, he woke up!

Will the stars of night be seen,
From where I stand and fight?
Would the moon pass my code,
Along with its tender light?


My cloud rose up again,
Travelled from end to start,
Our love wont go in vain,
Coz, always you're in my heart! !

I shall rule this world!
And all it takes
Is to lick some feet!
Or blow some random Child's

Pranayam oru lahari
Athil njanoru chashakam
Nirayunnithu madhuram
Nin priyamaam hrudayam!

I stopped my ride beside the road
Stepped down with key off from board!
Its nothing, to finish a simple deed
But I really need some place to pee!


My heartfelt love was true
You nodded sweet and shy
Like cloud, to heights that flew
With joy I rose to sky

This land where you see
Languages more than states
Trillion Gods and their fates
Hot Maggi in mud plates!

Hrudayam thulachoree valmuna valichoori,
Thalayonnaruthu thotti munayil nee korkkuka,
Krimi njan, nissaran, pranayathinanarhan,
Purakenadappavark ithuthanne mathruka

There is a war that I wage at every night
With my biggest enemy, Myself, I fight
Its a grave challenge, A test of my might
The repercussions of my soul's poor plight

Magic Box Biography

From my childhood, I have wondered about Magic Box. Anything and everything asked was coming from a magic box I saw in fourth standard magic show. I firmly believe as such a box exists in this world and that is called mind. My mind. Your mind. Ask anything to it, it'll give you, as long as you are sincere in your need. So I adapted that 4th standard Magic show and continue to realise my dreams/put effort to realise my dreams by way of using my magic box. I experience moodswings (depression-recovery, depressoin-recovery) and that reflect my poems. I am not really passionate about being a poet, but I have a vague dream of being a writer. I deleted many of my poems and almost all of my comments on this site a day when I was thinking of something stupid, but was brought back reality after a bitter, yet most fortunate experience. I am undergoing a tough phase of my life, hence I cant really think free. I want to stay in touch with you all and remain in this site. Thus I hope I can overcome my struggles! To name all would be difficult, yet there are a few people in this site who helped and continues to help me from becoming a mad man. Such as Valsa Ma'am, Dinesh Sir, Hari Sir, Shahzia Didi, Kavya Akka and my sweet Payal. I owe them a lot. I also thank David Sir, Heather Ma'am and Geetha Ma'am for supporting my writes. I believe in God but have no faith in any structured religion, not because they dont make any sense, but I'm comfortable this way. Hope you like this magic box!)

The Best Poem Of Magic Box


For my thousand dreams and broken wing,
As some final words what would you sing?

How gentle I was or how righteous my acts,
In midst of strong winds how I stayed intact!

How much I loved and how I’ll be missed,
How boldly I saw death and gently kissed,

What would you say? The truth or some lie?
While mourning for me when I simply die?

Silence will win where life looses the game,
Unspoken words cause tears from my frame!

Magic Box Comments

Kavya . 06 August 2013

i truly agree with Dinesh Sir's comments below on Aswath Raman, the so called Magic Box who does wonders with his wonderful and creative and innovative such a young age, he has already soared high in PH.........however by disappearing and deleting all his poems and comments from PH, he made his readers take aback......But now that he is back again with a bang with of course, peoms in regional language as well, I wish him all the very best in life and May he reach greater heights in writing poems. All the best bro! |

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Dinesan Madathil 03 August 2013

Aswath Raman alias Magic Box is one of the most prominent young poets who is armed with unusual wield of poetic devices, extra ordinary imaginative flutter and incredible ability to entice the readers. He is also extremely good at writing poems in Malayalam his mother tongue. Given to moods and idiosyncrasies at times he chooses not to write and quite spiritedly bounce back on the PH and takes us all by surprises with his submissions. Most of his writes over the PH were deleted by him for reasons perhaps unknown to him as well reminding us of Emily Dickens the American poet who was reported to have burned most of her poems. But poets of such kind are resourceful indeed and they give rebirth to the poems once aborted in the early state of their conception. Aswath Raman is expected ever to be a romantic philosopher within and may his poems ever surface here time and again and I wish him all the best.

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Bijay Poudel 07 January 2014

He had written one poem about rape. That was one of the best stuffs i had read. His wit, his sattire, his fearless write are excellent. Especially that poem 'BEING GAY' was a nice fearless poem. I even appreciate the comment thread which had followed that poem. Well i m learning much about poetry from magic box and other poets. cheers! !

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Geetha Jayakumar 17 December 2013

Aswath Raman is the young, talented and gifted poet. He surprises everyone When he pulls out magical poems one by one from his Magic Box. Just like the magician he Keeps on rotating us in his world of magic. The name chosen by him is perfect in all sense Magic Box. Truly it’s an amazing gift you are born with. To come with poems on Current affairs and Speak the truth in particular way, sharply and boldly. May God Bless you in all walks of life. May you always come out with success in flying colors. God Bless You!

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Shahzia Batool 02 September 2013

Li'l Brother! - - - - - - - - Acrostic... - - - - - - - - A lways active you will find S erious, genius, straight though kind W onder guy with brilliant mind A cute observer keeps an eye T eaches lessons on the spot H is poems are rich with deep thought R eciprocates all his friends A ll the best his peers send M agic box is the pseudonym A swath is his real name N ever he meant any harm! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Ref: 03/09/2013

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Payal Parande 13 August 2013

aswath bhayya AKA magic box do have magic in his words, he have ability to speak his mind beautifully he will keep you mesmerized till the end and when you'll finish reading his poems you'll be left with pure breathtaking experience that you will never forget keep smiling bhayya love payal

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Shahzia Batool 12 August 2013

Aswath Raman is a young and gifted poet whose poems are the direct outcome of the intense impressions his mind receives from the world, and being a shrewd observer, his poems reflect that he does not stay unmoved by the happenings around him. His art of poetry is not learnt in a poetry workshop, but acquired by the institution of life. He takes care of the tenor between the poet and the readers that's why his poems get their meaning after reaching the readers, for which he shows his concern when he translates his native writes into English poems. Remarks on any poet play a significant role in his life, comments of praise encourage him while the criticism carries him sky-high.Keep writing lil bro.! ! !

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