Spinning Poem by anais vionet


When it stopped and I saw the target, a handsome 16 year old, part of me wanted to jump up and run. This party wasn't with my usual friends - except my BFF Kim was there. These kids were 15 and maybe 16. I had just turned 14. We had been invited by an older girl-friend.

I couldn't have been more nervous - the party had turned just short of terrifying - but there's no way on God's earth that I could chicken out. John and I shuffled towards each other on our knees.

He's taller and as we drew together he bent toward me and I looked up - our lips touched, I felt his warm breath - WOW, his lips were soft.. I had to force myself not to pull back - my heart was pounding with the fear of embarrassment - what if he stopped - like, YUCK, and declared the whole idea an impossibly silly joke? ?

He didn't - after a second I felt his strong left hand gently on the back of my head and he slightly rotated my head to the right and - OH, YEAH - we were able to draw deeper into the kiss (I'd seen that in MOVES - now I understood) . His lips were so smooth, slightly slippery and warm - I was breathing WAY deeper then and felt a twining in interesting places.

His right hand pressed my lower back and he fetched me closer and, boy, we REALLY fit - I felt my breasts pressed to his chest - I wasn't sure what to do with my hands - they were sort of out to the side. His tongue fleetingly touched my lips and the tickle was electric.

My lips parted a little - he drew me even closer - his tongue playfully connected with mine and I seemed to short circuit - I drew in breath sharply, through my nose - which sounded enormously loud to me. WOAH, this was getting intense, I put my palms to his shoulders - should I push away? ?

"Time! , " the girl timing the kiss called.

We stopped actively kissing and he started easing off the pressure holding us together - I leaned back on his hands a bit as I searched for balance. Our kiss-seal broke and I gasped a little, which fortunately, sounded like a laugh and everyone laughed as we pulled apart. I glanced at his face and he was smiling warmly - I blushed explosively and looked down.

I put my right hand on my skirt as I scooched back in place and someone placed the bottle back on the center of the circle.

I was still looking down because I could tell my face was beet-red but my eyes found Kim, I smiled and give her a telepathic* holy-COW*. My first REAL kiss.

I left the circle before someone could spin me. There's no **way** that I was going to do that again.

Friday, November 13, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: kiss,teen
Hasn't everyone played "spin the bottle" at least once?
Khairul Ahsan 13 November 2020

'felt a twining in interesting places.' - a legitimate feeling described above board.

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