Spring Fools Poem by Ayman Parray

Spring Fools

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Some lovers are fools for many reasons
Their love changes colors with changing seasons
He fell in love with her in spring
By summer he was on his knees holding the ring
Autumn came and he changed his mind
A better lover he thought he could find
In the cold dread of winter he was all alone
His heart broken by his own wiles he was left forlorn
By year's end he was ready to love again
All the ladies in town would suffer this insufferable man's pain
As spring came again he found a new lover to soothe his heart
From this one he swore on his life he never would part
It was of a different kind this new lady's love
Not any form of lewdness the insufferable man she would allow
Always covered in modesty to her God was dear
Her guide in civility God's word The Book she always kept near
And so it happened he was heartbroken once more
To never ever love again this time he swore
But then again, some lovers are fools for valid reasons
Their desire changes colors with changing seasons
There are people in this world very strange
How quickly their seasons change

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Spring Fools
Wednesday, April 13, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: humorous,love
Kelly Kurt 13 April 2016

To all, love is a neuro-physiological instinct among life forms to propagate the species and is beyond total control. To others, it is also a game.

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Nosheen Irfan 13 April 2016

Love is a seasonal thing for many people. It's good that you have put this fact in a light-hearted way. The humorous tone of the poem makes it very readable.

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Ayman Parray 20 April 2016

I am truly delighted you liked the poem my dear friend, Nosheen.

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