Starlight By Morning * Poem by Taylor Hodges

Starlight By Morning *

I find it hard, those times when silver raindrops are falling and I'm wishing you were here with me soaked to the bone in the middle of the pouring rain. We used to dance in those magic storms like we didn't have a care in the world. Then we grew up and realized the kind of torture we held for each other, and now we don't speak. I catch myself thinking of you, admiring you, but then i have to remind myself that what once was, can be no more. I have a wall, an aluminum wall who stands tall when i need him, and when the hail and ice tatter him, i stand him back up. We hold such a love, but a hole remains... for you.

Gold Trybes 16 November 2011

Love is a feeling, a silent feeling that no hurt, no angst, no emotions or terror can push away. I have been in such shoes as you but over the years i have come to realize that wounds do heal and thereafter comes this once upon a time love u felt for the other person...Well penned.. I got a couple of poems that speaks to love and hate..You might one to read some and leave a comment...appreciated.

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