* * * Stay Alive ♥ Poem by Luwi Habte

* * * Stay Alive ♥

Rating: 2.5

Stay alive

Because you have to do
Not only for your kids
Also for the people you lead
Because you have to feed

Stay alive

Till you reach grand’s grand
Not only for your husband
Also for the people you treat in well
Because you have the best will

Stay alive

Because you have to be
Not only for your family
Also for the people you care
Because you know how to share

Stay alive

Because you can treat people’s stress
You can heal people’s sickness
You can help poor people
You can let everything settle

Long live!
Dedicated to ♥ semhar sebhatu ♥

Ken E Hall 24 November 2010

Staying alive and staying healthy for everyone around you is also payment for the wonder of life...sound message in this meaningful poem...regards

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hey, luwi, you are such a great poet. yes, i agree with you that we have to stay alive to meet up with necessities of life. stay blessed.

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Chris Jibero 20 November 2010

I join you in telling Semhar Sebhatu, whoever she is, to stay alive.Let her know also that life and death lie in the power of the tongue, therefore we get what we speak.I speak life with you.Well done.

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