Stay Here With Me Poem by Chocolate Bunny

Stay Here With Me

Rating: 2.7

I turned away for just a second
and you changed your mind
you said you'd be here always
But you decide to leave me now
You ask me why you should stay
but you know why
You know I want you here
with me
But for some reason that's
not enough anymore
You say you have to go
there is no reason for you
to stay
but I'm here loving you saying
'I love you, please stay'
You don't even ask me to go
with you
you said it's not fair to
do that
'ASK ME! ' I scream
But no you won't, you won't
ask me
But your set on leaving me
alone to face it all
I don't want you to go
I beg
'Stay with me! '
'Stay here! '
You say you can't again
You have to leave
but I still stand
waiting for you to change your
I turn around again
but your mind did not change
your still packing
tears pour down my face
'Please, ' I beg 'Don't! '
But your bags are packed now
your'e heading out the door
'Please, I love you.'
you walk out the door
'I will always love you, ' you whisper as you go forward
'Don't go, ' my tears let up a little
'Please stay here with me.' I try to wipe them away
'Stay here, ' I say one last time
time sanking to the ground
'Stay here, with me.'

Chantelle Nixon 07 November 2008

Wow, the structure of this poem is outstanding! Great job!

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Karen Wood 09 June 2008

I love poems that emit raw emotion, this does just that. Nice work!

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Serenity Prayer 09 June 2008

very sad, but very good. good job. keep it up.

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