Still Waiting For My Valentine Poem by jatin rout

Still Waiting For My Valentine

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Valentine day valentine day..
All are excited with joy.
but still am confused about the day.

i was too anxious for the day.
as this is my first valentine day

but god didnt want that
may be this is not suites for me or what? ?

my valentine's exam is began
so she got offline..

as i cant get her for any other sources
bcoz i got her from net and se is my one and only princess

but still i have a lot of hopes
to celebrate my valentine day with her

still am waiitng for her reply
still waiitng for her cute and sweet voice
still waiitng for her curosity when talking to me
still waitng for that golden day when i meet her
still waiitng to see i didnt saw her till now
still waiitng for to celebrate my valentine with her
still waitng for that three lovely words that she says
i know she loves me...
but cant dare to say as may be she hurt

hey my sweet princess

come to my life am waiting for see meet you
i love you so much and miss you so much in this special valentine

i know my poet friends this is not that type of poems you can write as i have no idea i just want to write a poem and wrote in this way...if i did anything wrong please help me friends
thanks and lots of love

Merna Ibrahim 20 February 2009

WONDERFUL and so cute....I really believe your love to that girl.....written from the heart...thank you Jatin Merna

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C. P. Sharma 31 March 2010

Jatin, I have found my Valentine With her I ever entwine Just for her find some time She won't ask you for dime. CP

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Shashendra Amalshan 11 May 2009

Love is crazy it like a mad man..who cares..i know da feeling too...see you....and show your bro s and sis s same love tooo....10++words of love..

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Anjali Sinha 11 May 2009

hey whatever you have written is the best---cos its straight from your heart goodluck to you and your princess awesome sweet nothings -10 anjali

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djean Whitney 14 April 2009

Sweet poem, we all want someone to say that thay I love us. I hope she will tell you soon. There's nothing wrong with it. it looks amazing! Great poem you did a good job expressing yourself. :)

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Book Worm 18 March 2009

When you think about Valentine's day, you picture flowers and chocolates. You really demonstrated the anxious side of it where you just want someone to say I love you. Thank you.

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