What Can I Do Poem by jatin rout

What Can I Do

Rating: 4.8

If I am very happy talking to you …

Then what’s wrong that I do?

If all of my feelings are only for you.

Then what’s wrong that I do?

If I believe you blindly

Then what’s wrong that I do?

If I love you blindly

Then what’s wrong that I do?

If I try my best to convince you

Then what’s wrong that I do?

If you still didn’t believe me

Then what can I do?

I know you didn’t love me

Still what can I do?

As I am in love with you

Is there anything wrong that I do?

You know I can’t live without you

Still why such painful things you do? ?

Oh my love if for the first time I wrote a poem on you

Then what’s wrong that I do?

The only onething I can say

I love you… …

*Trusting You* 16 December 2008

this is so cute... f I love you blindly Then what’s wrong that I do? nothing... is my answer. nothing at all. I really like this, shows your feelings very well.good job my friend. Becca

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Whitney Nicole Albright* 16 December 2008

That's really sweet, Jatin.

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Merna Ibrahim 25 January 2009

marvelous poem! ! keep writing and show us your talent..... Merna.

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Anjali Sinha 05 February 2009

'what can i do its over now but it was grand i understand---' your poem reminds me of this old song a nice poem Jatin anjali

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Chitra - 08 February 2009

mirrors your feelings in the most sensitive way

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Josephine De Leux 11 June 2009

it's...the word is...conveying. I can almost see your hand gestures, face expressions. a drawing appeal. 'and in the justification by name of love, what takes root, one does not know...'

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Shashendra Amalshan 02 June 2009

this is a nice way of expressing yourself indeed.....emotions seem to flow throught your pen....genuine and honest ones at that...10+ regards shan

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PARiS s 24 April 2009

do one thng, , make her read this poem, , she will certainly fall in love wid u

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djean Whitney 14 April 2009

This is difrent but, realy good. I hope she see's that you trouly love her.

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Suvrishti Jain 13 February 2009

simple, , , yet impressive :)

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