Stoke The Ember Poem by Onuora ilodibe

Stoke The Ember

Rating: 5.0

My Journey farther north
Reminds me of my youth
Welcoming North westerlies
Billow harmattan whistles
Torrent down pour whittles
Desolate bleak interminable

Solace lost for she once held my love
And admiration strewn into shambles
Left nothing but relics of my boyhood passion
From playground to dark alleys lurks tension

Looms like mushroom clouds firmament red without stars
Rain came fire and brimstones erupt lava dormant volcanoes

I saw despair written on furrows
Unbridled hatred in unspoken words
Fears unknown expectations unseen
Sequel to the pogrom a historic sermon

It was just like yesterday
Storm came blew away
Sack clothes and ashes adorn
Pain and grievances forlorn

Life is like a tropical hard wood
Buffering makes smooth wood
As little boys and girls paraded nude
Youthful exigencies despoils you and me

Such perversely alien and despicable bland
Religion not the pigments turned them blind

The morals we thought they possess flew out the windows
Lost corals in the deepest recess
Bleating ewes in the willows

Eerily strange feelings of hysteria
Totally Nerve-wracking hypothermia
Bad decisions Impairs visions like cognacs
Opium and designer pharmaceuticals
Hit you point blank economy recession
Stokes the ember of corruption and insurrection


Sarah Mkhonza 18 November 2016

This is a wonderful expression of life and the hardships it springs on us. I love the way you play with images. Thanks for sharing.

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Edward Kofi Louis 12 June 2016

Reminds me of my youth! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 15 January 2016

I saw despair written on furrows. Very amazing composition shared on really. Wisely drafted and shared.10

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