Uwa A'biara Poem by Onuora ilodibe

Uwa A'biara

Incident becomes a story
Soon as is told grim and gory
Slept on a bed of prime roses
Woke in a dump with roaches
Rumors carried like pot belly
Mongers parade mouths smelly

Uwa a'biara

Heard of a woman found guilty Tried by laws of her community
Defiled the vows of matrimony Without child support alimony
Such thing alien to her society
Ostracized with stern hostility

Uwa a'biara

With six children and seventh pregnancy
Even the gods pondered silently
Her fate in the wild outside provinces
But Providence played on in tapestries
Sapped as Marple palms splayed out
She wept prayed bitterly for
a way out

uwa a'biara

Her eyes has seen so much penury
Pain has taken a deep toll of her sanity
Susceptible to assailants life
never tolerant
Once her citadel broken open for men like tenement
First was love drift and lust caused by gods
And left to stew her juice in a forbidden woods

Uwa a'biara

Far from civilization all her limitations
Blurred by mysticism and superstitions Despairing at the twilight of her misery
Whining obscenities at her ancestors effigy
Crossed the Rubicon juxtaposed the grim reaper
Danced in circle at the threshold of the harbinger

Chai! ! Uwa a'biara

Savage hankering for a death wish
Spiraling vortexes exit to embellish
Even in the terrace of foolish the gods are wise
Through the eye of the storm sees otherwise
By the break of down away it ebbed
Soaked, perspiration from the recess of our souls dread

Chai Uwa a'biara

Edward Kofi Louis 12 June 2016

Seeking for a way out! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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