Stolen Moments Poem by Linda Ori

Stolen Moments

Rating: 3.4

Our paths had crossed so many times
With neither one aware
The future held a sweet surprise
A love beyond compare;
And then one day our paths did meet
Caught totally off guard
Like falling through a vortex
And landing fast and hard;
I recognized you at first sight
You recognized me, too
Like gazing in a mirror
Struck by lightning from the blue;
But you were not available
My circumstance the same
And so we made a pact that day
To somehow play this game;
This game of such sweet sorrow
Of love so bittersweet
A game of stolen moments
Whenever we could meet;
You showered me with tenderness
And made me feel alive
The part of me that had been dead
Had somehow been revived;
And even tho' we both knew well
One day our lives must part
I carry all your tears and joys
Tucked warmly in my heart;
They get me through the bad times
They hold me close at night
And still those stolen moments
Are the ones that seemed so right;
My life's been blessed a thousand times
It's hard to comprehend
How something so incredible
One day could ever end;
But life goes on and so did we
We went our separate ways
But you will always own my heart
Until my dying day.

And beyond until we meet again.

Charles M Moore 06 May 2006

Wonderful and flowing description.

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Patricia Gale 02 October 2006

Beautiful, the one that will forever hold a memory, the one that can never be ours to keep. Beautiful home hitting read..

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James B. Earley 12 January 2009

May I please share my version of 'Stolen Moments.' Life can difficult...sometimes!

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Barry Van Allen 21 March 2007

Linda, It sounds like time for the old stand-by; ' IT ' just happened ! (weather ' IT ' did or not) , ... the grass is always greener, but the fence is in the way of the weeds sometimes! And like those wise men say - - - ' hindsight is 50 / 50 ' ! SO, put that in your pipe and your plumbing will never be the same! Aren't you glad that I was here to help ? B.V.A.

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Tailor Bell 02 January 2007

romance flows through your empassioned verse and tugs on familiar emotions. deep subject matter is barely contained in great structure. captivating work, Linda. -Tailor

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Not a member No 4 17 December 2006

Here's that 't' I dropped earlier! jim

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Not a member No 4 17 December 2006

The thrill of forbidden fruit - love without the mundane! A bittersweet tale told with all the passion and poetry that kind of love engenders. On the same theme from a different angle I've a song called 'Love's long hit and run' on here. It doesn't have your poetic qualities admittedly - and not trying to sell my wares by the way! ! I found your angle very interesting and similar to the viewpoint of other females I've discussed this with. Do men see it differenly? I don't know. I really enjoyed this. Brought back old memories! ! ! jim

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