* Stone Cold Poem by Lee Crowell

* Stone Cold

Rating: 3.1

a common thread in
dreams a dreaded stone terrace affords
misty foggy view of shuddering views from
height above clouds from a
stone cold tower with
stone cold mystery fall
no set of eyes can bear to
look down from
the last place you want to be and
the only place you can't leave, waiting
while the infraction calmly haunts and
makes its move
the floor gives way into
thin shell of nothing, into panicked
plunge with no escape
a never happening crash toward
endless bottom
prolonged plight that begs for completion
a sudden desire for ending, begging
for non-existence with
tears negated by sheer urgency


Bad heavens! This is really scary stuff Lee. You've managed to write an extremely powerful poem. I would much rather have a ride on a rotor (In Luna Park in Sydney a person spins around stuck to a wall while the floor disappears) . Well done! 10 Karin Anderson

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Vaibhav Pandey 01 August 2009

very intense poem sir....I liked it..10

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Sally Plumb Plumb 30 July 2009

This piece of writing reminds me of something similar, 'A Humerous Death'.I'm feeling a bit pushy at the moment. Cheers Lee.

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