Washington Square Park Poem by Lee Crowell

Washington Square Park

Rating: 5.0

we sat in Washington Square Park
on a slatted wood bench in the sun
your hair was tied back
and your face flushed pink with little beads of sweat
I stared at your breasts
while you peeled a grapefruit
and we spit the seeds into your paper bag

we walked back to the studio on sixth avenue
it was time for your class
and I had to catch a bus
we kissed for the first time
and when I turned to leave I could have cried
for that moment which would never be repeated
it's the damnedest thing how they never repeat

Patrick McFarland 21 March 2009

Nice work here Lee... 10

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Kizza Michael 23 March 2009

after reading this i can see why love is blind......it touched all the fibers of that day.....beautiful......

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Dr Kamran Haider 23 March 2009

the words are real and come straight from the soul of the poet... beautiful painting and a memorable piece... loved it...

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Malini Kadir 23 March 2009

straight from the heart......straight to reach out with a straight forward approach to reality...painted well with words...

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Ted Sheridan 23 March 2009

Thanks for the invitation to read your poem. I really liked it. Different from most people and that's a good thing.

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Lee Crowell 03 July 2009

I pray that Denis's poem is hugely successful, and that he'll send me a little gift for providing the inspiration. (or a big one if he gets rich) Seriously Denis, congratulations with your upcoming success. How can we obtain a copy of the publication?

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Denis Martindale 03 July 2009

I wrote a piece of poetry based on Lee's poem. My poem, First Kiss Blues, was added here on poemhunter.com then /poem/ then first-kiss-blues/ and has recently been accepted for publication here in the UK. Thanks, Lee.

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Sally Plumb Plumb 28 May 2009

I've read this yet again.I love it.

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Salu Salu 23 April 2009

great! ! highly magnetical writing........good mems are to be cherished for ever. so it repeatedly haunt with more power.. rgrds/salu

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Sebastine Humaemo 31 March 2009

hmmm soo cute..........much true.....all do cross such incdnt n life....10+++ sebastine

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