Strange Love Poem by John Mccudden

Strange Love

Rating: 5.0

You are so precious to me
You keep me right in all I do
You wake me in the morning
With your bright shiny face

You are never wrong
You’re always right
You are my bright light
You are always on time never late
No you never make me wait
And you don’t care about love or hate

I look at your face throughout the day
You will remind me when I get paid
I have seen you change from time to time
I just so glad you are mine

When I go out your on my arm
Just like a lucky charm
You sparkle on my arm

When we go to bed at night
You move your hand I know the times right
As I look to you with sleepy eyes
Your face lights up your still on my arm

You never disagree your there for me
Never turn your face away from me
You never complain or want to be free

So thank you for giving me the time
The most important thing for mankind
Now you all know I love that watch of mine

Miriam Maia Padua 13 February 2009

wow..fantastic description of a very loving someone so dear to you... words so endearing...full of appreciation a model for all women...a model wife? with so much love and understanding... nice share..10++++

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Jim Norausky 09 February 2009

You had me hooked with your fantastic mate. Clever poem.10 here. Jim

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