Stranger My Angel….. Poem by Anita Trivedi

Stranger My Angel…..

Rating: 3.8

To me you are stranger,
Than say how can you be
my angel…..

How can I share with you my
smiles and tears?
But it’s also true being with
you I forget all my fears.
I just know you bit & just your
Then why did you burn yourself
in my flame.

Yours thoughts, yours talks makes
me smile,
Moments spend with you are fragile.
You supported me when all others
I pinch myself that you are not
fairy tale.

To me you are stranger,
Than say how can you be my angel…..

Your sweet wishes & cute smiles
bright my day,
You are very precious in deep core
that’s my heart says.
When stars shine and moon is light,
I smile softly coz I know you will come
in my dreams to wish me good night.

I wished, I prayed to spend my life
with you,
Though moments spend with you were
very few.
Alarm ringed & woke me up & I smiled
to that stranger,
Coz it was just a dream a stranger
being my angel.

To me you are stranger,
Than say how can you be
my angel…..

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Dom N. Kafley 16 July 2010

Loved reading your 'Stranger my Angel'. Keep flowing in words. Fluidity is what liquids get just keeping to flow. So are we-who keep writing for lucidity of what we write. -Dom

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Pranab K Chakraborty 15 July 2010

Really very precious your feelings. Keep it hide within you otherwise you will loss it. Well-written subconscious, never try to make it real in life. Keep it as a cave unexcavated, only the map within your heart dear poet. Good poem. Enjoyed. Write more. Regards, 10+ Apoet Bangla

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Antonio Liao 12 July 2010

a glimpse of angel, lighted with emotional feature.....good for reflection God bless. a 10 +++

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Amrit Rathi 07 July 2010

Beautiful poem! nicely penned with tender feelings. Thanks fro inviting.

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Nooruddeen Mm 06 July 2010

Anita It is, of course, a nice one. well written When i read the line 'Alarm ringed & woke me......' i just remembered my poem 'My River'. Though the theme is entirely different. If time permits pls read 'My River' where you can see how the alarms kill our sweet dreams.

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