I Wish….. Poem by Anita Trivedi

I Wish…..

Rating: 4.9

Tonight I wish a star to fall,
Coz I want to make a wish to die
and gift me pall…..

I had heard that when we die we
become a star,
We lost our parents & they went
away so far.
We can just look at them twinkling
in the sky,
It's my birthday & I want to meet them
& so I'm making a wish to die.

Twinkling tiny little star just wait
don't fall now,
Coz my little sister won't allow.
First let her fall asleep,
And this soft pillow near her let
me keep.
She is holding my hand and feeling
so secure,
Her love is really so pure.

Tonight I wish a star to fall,
Coz I want to make a wish to die
and gift me pall…..

My sweet little sister is asleep
So twinkling little star you fall
I want to hug my dad and sleep on
my mom's lap,
And want to say this distance can
never create any gap.

But some horrible dreams disturbed
my sister's sleep,
She is awake now & won't allow me to
Looking up in the sky she told 'Look
there is a star falling tonight.'
And she made a wish that 'Oh! God I
won't ever lose my brother from my sight.'

Tonight I wish a star to fall,
Coz I want to make a wish to die
and gift me pall…..

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Azure Brewer 22 June 2010

did your parents pass away my mom did and last year on her birthday i asked god to tell her to send me a sign that she still loved me and that nite i seen 4 fallen stars i couldnt believe it but i knew it was her a very powerful moment read my power of words its called (a child's pain) good poem

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Hey Anita...What a poem! ! ! Marvelous...I can feel the pain in this writing... U r brilliant...How did u write this poem...i mean how did u feel.. I hope and I wish..with god's grace ur parents are with u...rite? ? Still...Fantastic write...10/10...

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Paul Judges 22 June 2010

Very nicely written, Anita

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Nooruddeen Mm 22 June 2010

Anita Good poem, expressing the full love to the parents. Rgds Noor

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Amrit Rathi 22 June 2010

A poignant poem full with love for the parent! nicely penned. Thanks.

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Kunal Seth 26 January 2011

Hey The innocense and longing of a daughter to have her parents by her side is well depicted in your words..I like the way with simplicity you said so much that most people write paragraphs explaining themselves.Keep the simplicity going it will take you to great heights in your life... -Me

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 01 August 2010

‘It’s my birthday & I want to meet them & so I’m making a wish to die....’ ~ Poets die in imagination and your imagination is vivid/voidless…created gosh/gleam…but I don’t know man dies and become star…may be…poetic or religious faith…overall O’ Posy mind it Poets are immortal… thanks for sharing Regards Ms. Nivedita UK 10/10

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Preetam Shetty 25 June 2010

Good one....I felt the love for the parents who truly deserve it.....but then life has to move on for the ones who are with us...

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Nerisha Kemraj 23 June 2010

a truely beautiful poem.i like the way u just fall into your character - and write from different aspects and points of view.The ironic wish was a great twist for the ending :)

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Matt Mooney 22 June 2010

Trust in the Heavens and your hearts will be filled with the energy generated by the love between both of you and your parents, combined with the love of God. Love never dies.A lovely and memorable poem.10.

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