Sudden Shocking Poem by amir mohammad islami chalandar

Sudden Shocking

Rating: 5.0

People play roles for each other easily

And hide behind their invisible masks

Even god is shocked about his creatures

Where did you learn these? he amazingly asks

I have created you truthful and virtuous

How did you find with cunning these tasks?

Why do not you seek forgiveness from your crimes?

Even warm tea will be cold in advanced flasks.

Please quit sins, quit any crimes

You are become haggish of doing crazy basks.

Geetha Jayakumar 22 June 2014

Beautiful Flow of words from your pen Amir. Even warm tea will be cold in advanced flasks. Creative writing...Loved reading each lines....

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God created truthful and virtuous creatures but is shocked to see them deceitful and devious.............very creative writing.......................

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Alookh (matin) 11 June 2014

Wo....w! ! ! ! this one is wonderful....i read ur other poems too but this one made me really interested! i like ur view and the idea of this poem is awesome...Even warm tea will be cold in advanced flasks...this line is perfect! and let me tell u sth, my friend! God is like light...if our God was like darkness he could only create darkness....but he is like light....means he can cuase both darkness and fact the lack of darkness cant be light but the lack of light is darkness.......and the lack of God in the hearts is the reason of all of the cruelty that we have in our world.......

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Nathan Coppedge 09 June 2014

I recommend 'His creatures' be changed to 'these creatures'. It sounds better this way (I think) . You have some creative potential. Thanks for the poem.

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