Suicidal Thoughts Poem by Darkangel Flyfree

Suicidal Thoughts

The thoughts creep in my mind
like a cancer eating away my insides
hope lost forever
the darkness now taking over
consumes my every being
I'm no more, just a corpse
waiting for thy last breath
a heart so cold
there's no love left
a body so weak
there's nothing but numbness
come take me away
no longer scared of your presence
I welcome it, beg it to come
for there's no place for a
soulless creature like me
just a nobody, a hopeless girl
with no remains left
nothing to offer, but the sadness
that won't go away
loneliness that is too overwhelming
too much for a miserable girl
like me to handle
how long can this go on
how long
before I take that last plunge
already forgotten
as my body lies in thy casket
just cheers of glee and laughter
for nobody really cared
just wish people understood
just wish I wasn't so complicated
just wish I had a shoulder to cry on
just wish someone would end it for me
this sorrow is just too much
as I say my final goodbye...

But wait, I can't end it
not like this
knowing what I'll leave behind
knowing where I'll end up
knowing what it's like
to be left behind, left forever
feeling the grief of why
why you had to leave me
so I turn to these pages
with my suicidal thoughts
and let this pen ease my mind.

Saturday, July 7, 2012
Topic(s) of this poem: depression,sadness
Dougie Fresh 09 July 2012

another very good poem, and i can SOOOO relate to this lately!

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Shouvik Roy 09 July 2012

dark and light at the end..just the first line, my thoughts creep instead of creep and soulless creature like me instead of myself...good job..great.. :)

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Ralph The Elf 09 July 2012

This is poetry at its peak and you did the right are needed on here.never allow thoughts like that to cease you again. I NEED YOUR PRESENCE

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Poetic Catharsis strketh once again, and has more than likely changed the mindset of many...The gift of the Silent or Written Word is owned by less than 3% of us...Many attempt to garner it, or think they have it when unfortunately they do not...The above poem (imo) is proof solid that though there is always room for improvemnt if you want to maximize your potentials to their zenith, that you do have that natural penchant for have the gift...Good Luck! ~FjR~

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Kelly Seale 02 August 2012

Yes, Darkangel, You are right, your pen shall ease your pain and set you free. Very Powerful Write! -Kelly.

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Walterrean Salley 01 August 2012

Good that your gifting could bring such solace, and give strength and a refresh perspective. Never let anyone make you feel and believe that you are less than what you were created to be. There is a beautiful soul within. Believe in yourself and go on. You can make it.

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Hamid Negah 26 July 2012

Dear Darkangel Flyfree, very nice i enjoyed so much.

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Samantha Robinson 14 July 2012

Life is more difficult for thinkers. You may not be the popluar one but the friends you will have will be worth having as they know you. I am cut from the same cloth. Keep writing and start standing up babe. X

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Guess Who 12 July 2012

Very lovely poem i liked it i really feel the sorrow i wish you be strong Guess Who

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