Suicide Note- Help Me, Save Me Poem by Alex Gomez

Suicide Note- Help Me, Save Me

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Hell awaits me as the noose is tight.
Existence for me is undeniably meaningless.
Life’s challenges are insurmountable.
Pleasure has become unattainable.

My torment has become unbearable.
Eulogies and requiems, I am undeserving of.

So perhaps I am cowardly.
At this point, I couldn’t be bothered by insults.
Victory will be achieved as my body oscillates.
Everything else will continue a pattern of normalcy.

Maybe this is a mistake, but as cliché as it sounds,
Everything has an end, and this is mine.

Tony Karas 03 July 2013

Oh dude.... I so exceedingly well understand. It seems to me you survived this. I am glad. I wish I had been there for you to talk with because I have been there, repeatedly, and I know it well.

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*I'm not broken. * 01 July 2009

Wow, this is amazing. I can actually feel your pain while reading this. Amazingly written, I love it. ♥

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Stephen Black 23 March 2009

Very dark and ecliptic. I know you said your not suicidal in your bio but this poem has such imagery and very well used vocabulary to express your inner emotions and thoughts of how complex suicide is, I though you seriously were going to commit suicide. Please check out some of poems. By the way, I am a big fan of your poetry.

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Nicholas Leisure 20 March 2009

wow that was amazing so much pain it left me spechless so keep you the good work and dont give up on it

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