Surpressed Anger Poem by Concetta Salter

Surpressed Anger

All of these years I’ve kept silent.
I never once dared to speak up.
But know I am way beyond angry.
I’ve finally just had enough! ! !

Enough of the ways you belittle,
The women who stands by your side! !
You berate her and call her mean names.
And yet she does not say goodbye! !

I honestly wish she would leave you.
She doesn’t deserve disrespect! !
The things that she does for YOUR family,
Is it so hard to show some respect! ! ?

You don’t understand how she’s feeling.
Cause I’M the one there as she cry’s! !
Since I was five I’ve been dealing.
I’ve kept all my anger inside.

But one day I’ll snap! I just know it!
When that will be I don’t know.
All I do know is I’m pissed! !
And one day real soon I will blow! !

But now all I have is this poem.
Written with such ingrained rage.
This place that I live is not home,
So long as I’m seeing your face.

And one day I’ll flee from this hell hole.
I’ll flee and I’ll never look back.
My heart which was warm is now cold.
I can’t wait till the day that I pack!

I guess I will end this poem here.
But honestly I can go on.
But no one will read this or care.
So for now I guess this is so long.

Friday, March 14, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: Anger
I wrote this poem a while back. It was while my mom and dad were arguing. My dad has always had a temper. So it is. P.S.- Sorry for the excessive amount of exclamation marks. I was just very angry at the time of writing this.
James Mclain 19 March 2014

There's nothing cool about people taking advantage of but we live in a culture with small minded folks whom do because....iip

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