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and you think it alright
to maraud; unobstructed by fear, in
unfinished by- lanes of my mind
do you think your attire of nudity;
the dress of my dreams
is a chic match with colorings uncolored
do you think that imprints of your crisscrossed knees in my spine
gives enough firewood for winters encoring winter
do you think that humour in your eyes
will help eclipse the un-waning moon of scorn
do you think that joint venture of lips
has some lurking clause that may justly segregate “you” from “I”
do you think that thousand and one nights
written acted and undone in afternoons;
can be recycled and reused as alphabets
do you think that crowning conflux of skins
allows separation of plastic from pleasure
do you think that my limbs powdered into desire
can still be dragged back home in the sack of my body
and do you think that not saying I love you
will allow me residence among sane
and do you think that I can still think and write
when poetry is not about you

rago rago 21 July 2009

poetry is about everything..........well said from your words.......

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sweet wonderful poem.....................

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Indira Babbellapati 17 July 2009

isn't that very intense...

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