Talking China Doll Dreams Of Merry Go Round, Playground & Fairy Stage Poem by Hercolena Oliver

Talking China Doll Dreams Of Merry Go Round, Playground & Fairy Stage

Fair fairy tales would be perfect for putting child to bed,
inciting images of speedy spinner merry-go-round or swings instesad,
for once ignoring the bare wood or carpet
which level inner sides of the house to let.

Listen to talking over obscure passage abiss
that drops as the gentle rain from heaven's bliss
of the midwinter's nightmarish dream,
that most fairies piece together in writing a reem.

Legendary voices appear as light, flexible and round ales
who are drunk upon observing intoxicating illustrations to fairy tales.
For the poet, without talking about it.
is being there were gone except for royal wit.

However under fairy tales of old bloat
the wizard encounters the talking scape goat.
Metamorphosis of stork to love is unlike modern fairy tale
of wolves abd talking animals where imginative realms fail.

With merry nonchalance man and beast encounter each other
in obnoxious gossiping all over this book in smother.
On the stage will be seen the actual play operated
just as it is operational all seem to have done liberated.

On her frock the doll wore a yellow ribbon and made dismayed more.
Dolls face reality in this versional reversion score.
Glittering fountains in forgotten fairy tale draw what you
regards as gentlemen, friends and brought back talk out of the blue.

Dreams appeal naturally of course, to you
that without looking round wants to compare old with new,
Or not yet created, in talking to himself or with audience,
asking what was the man other than personified benevolence.

Protagonist in play gets a porcelain doll
which the protagonist covets less than a troll;
having always a merry day, when asunder in party,
parting in fine clothes and gay laughter hearty.

When up in the morning, recalled his dream and before
in prefernce of dreams of future wind and more,
yet not indicating despair to merry friend
talking about later reading tale to end.

Unveiled doll gazes at crescent moon, sun and star
past the merry-go-round, carousel and picturesque postcards from afar.
The of and to is to with of that what is to he
for merciful merriment's enjoy and benefit for all to see.

A gathering of merry folks liked to have a frolicking time by
frivolous day where giant heard fairy conversing with dwarfs
talking loudly in the region under the meadows and wharfs
about that what was and why for it with as muct patience as time passing by.

This had not been, but from ore have they cheered which one you choose,
were all she there would they refuse him who has when who will lose.
Merry as it was the fairy had to go, given large purse by gentleman
the fairy instantly disapperaed after up the rainbow she ran.

The pot of gold aspie round was aspied by her eye.
And looking round was seen a full shine aspie
that the fairy had quite disappeared,
into an English fairy-tale about spots on the sun and other tales unheard.

If ever you are in fantasy go to the fairy stage,
mixing in the crowd, fascinated by show glittered by bygone age.
Noticed a talking doll which crawls and as if by magicstarts a show
with dancing fairies staging a performance and then taking a bow.

The gurgle of the water round the drift just below
the merry-go-round of youth brightly painted in round row.
Fairy tales for little people are fairy tales of all nations
as the talking China doll wisely verily related fairy dances and conversations.

A birthday party turns out to be fortune teller's magical doll dress,
a doll comes to life goes from playground in round redress,
sliding down hill all the sumersaults you can jump to
as diddimilar as dog who had kittens in the garden fairied to.

The dollhouse playing was very contrary
to village of round and square houses complimentary
in a dream world going on with this terrific imagery,
occasionally giving way to nightmares would go great with treachery.

Underwater theme authorised inception of history dolls in glass elevators,
the queen of serenity dolls, intimidated by alligators.
Afterwards this display somewhere out of this world sublime
ignores cacaphony and mysteries of mind, space and time.

The doll's house is twinkly with candles and fairy light,
there is a baby doll moving and switchin on an entertaining show,
that has something not unlike choreographed stage of fairies as you know
dancing to queer fashioned doll, with a china head of porcelain delight.

That displayed brilliance acquiring many a fan
with faces round and ruddy under summer tan.
Doll representing curiosity perhaps refers a still older period
perceived as talking to muffler enlightened by seeming broadcast livid.

Looking round was this doll moving to point out fairytale of age
not paying attention to spots enthralled by presenting fairy stage
The enchanted castle hosted a glittering ball
not asking to draw swords by merry men at all.

Hark forward talking doll in the utmost silence
more fair than white ravens and more timid than violence
showing the ended fable able to be convinced that the earth is round
as doll becomes alter ego, while singing and dancing magically abound.

Hercolena Oliver

Hercolena Oliver

Durban South Africa
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