These Shoes Are Made For Walking Poem by Hercolena Oliver

These Shoes Are Made For Walking

These shoes are made for walking

Be upwardy mobile.
Do not stagnate.
Attempt to make progress.
Repress regression.
Be well on your way to fulfilling your destiny.

Taking vs setting examples

Your part in life no matter how small is not insignificant.
Those small deeds of kindness may go unnoticed, but are a blessing.
You may try and fail and try and fail again, don’t give up.
It’s easy to talk, advise and advocate,
but more formidable and admirable setting examples.
Even if you don’t win, you’ve participated.
Even if you make mistakes these are still of merit rated.
To say the idle word is easy,
but to set an example is a efat well accomplished.

What is good or honourable really?

Would you say doing good is:

Going to church to look good to society
To criticise other for their mistakes
To appear better than the next person
To appear better by being condescending
To complain about others and point out their shortcomings.
Surely some fools have perceptions of life that are really shortsighted

Surely this attitude that could only be hurtful emotionally is uncalled for.

Who would go to church being condemned
and having to compete with righteous people
who declare themselves perfect and without sin.
Why is it that those who are not blameless
are only too ready to cast the first stone.
Is this what God would have wanted?

So how is it possible then to be truly honourable?

Go to church with the intention of not only praying for others,
but by encouraging them in an accepting way to attend
and not condemning them if they don’t as only to God is the judgement
Be accepting of others and overlook mistakes in an effort to do good,
avoiding even so-called constructive criticism.
Elevate the next person to the level of recognising their innate abilities,
regardless of how small.
Endeavour to uplift others spiritually
and treat them with respect in acknowledging their dignity by refraining
from idle gossip an uncalled for unsults as well as unnecessary slander.
Compliment others and point out their attributes,
for all are better than others in some way considering unique God given talents
and none is as great as he who stoops to help a lesser being.

Brian Jani 05 May 2014

Amazing style of poetry

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