Taunting Me To Come Poem by Doris Cornago

Taunting Me To Come

I know how far are the stars

I just have to reach out and there

Your face is ever so clear, so near

But you are staring hard and glare

From your laptop is hurting my eyes...

Not tonight, I will not risk your ire

Some other night when more relaxed

When eyes are upturned and squinty

From playing with frisky Poochie

Then two of us can cuddle and share...

Your happy heart is made for poems

Your eyes can see beyond the shore

Waters lap on sand things you adore

On and off like pendulum on clock

Sand in glass just pours unminded...

Where birds dip below streams

And come up with fish in beak

You never tire of splashing water

Where the sun never fades and

Wind never breaks leaves from boughs...

There is such a world you showed

And I brought a red canoe for us

You believed everything I told you

And so we drifted companionably

The word busy is not in your tongue...

You were singing a wordless song

More of a hum, and laughter to fill in

Now, there is more of nagging silence

Like dripping water from a faucet

Rattling my senses, nonsensical....

I am running a fever but I survived

Just washing my face in clear water

I caught with the palms of my hand

You were laughing as you splashed

Feet swift on sand, taunting me to come...

Even when running a fever due to flu virus, also very cold water, the poet survived due to a poem she wrote. So, there aside from being balm to a grieving heart, poems can also be like an antibiotic. As she told another online seafarer last night in poemhunter, don't lose your grip on your craft and let go off nonessentials...
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