Tears Of The Candle Poem by Pacific Hernandez

Tears Of The Candle

Rating: 5.0

On my way to this world, I did first see your light
Light that guided the ways of the first pair of hands
that placed me on the bed, be at my mother's side
From the dark little world wherein, before, I was

I saw the tears you shed, knew not what they were for
Were they tears of pity - my life woeful would be
Or were they tears of joy - I would live happily

Again I saw your light, it was baptismal day
Candles in many hands, I heard pledges for me
Again I saw your tears, what for I did not know
Were they for the troubles in life I'll undergo

By your light I acquired knowledge while I grew up
You, watching over me as came and went the nights

And on my wedding day, again I saw your light
Felt the warmth of your glow, warm as the glow of love
Again you shed the tears, both for the two of us
For the joys we would share, or woes we should surpass

The last time you're alight, your light I have not seen
And the warmth of your glow, I now do never feel
As cries and sobs I hear, fall the drops of your tears
I am now on my way and leave this world I will
Never to see your light or feel your warmth again

Prince Obed de la Cruz 27 February 2011

if you speak of God as the 'light'.... I hope you find Him again, sir... I've been a very philosophical person the past and had almost conformed completely to the theories of communism, rationalism, and existentialism but thank God I found Him again... anyway, the poem is narrated very well... thoughts and emotions well composed/presented in this poem... keep it up, sir!

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Ashraful Musaddeq 18 October 2008

A nice poem with beautiful title. Last stanza is very nice.

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