Teen Years Poem by Maryam Khan

Teen Years

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Everyone tells you,
they are the best years of your life.
The thing they dont tell you,
is they are all full of strife.

From a child to a teen,
in less then a year.
It's a lot to deal with,
you have to grow up fast.

As a child you're free,
as a teen you feel locked.
A child has no worries,
A teen has a lot.

You learn the meaning of love,
you discover broken hearts.
The worries of being accepted,
are the hardest part of all.

What's the ''best''
about these years.
When as a teen,
you live in fear.

ata khan 30 March 2009

i agree but to that fear i was most fearless, carefree during my teens even the thought of which shivers me now Good one Maryam Thanks for sharing

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Billy Joe Collins 20 November 2008

sometimes the hardest thing on us is the best we learn much more from pain the happiness well wrote poem thanks for sharing

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Tony Arbash 20 November 2008

HI MARYAM i am TONY from syria ur poems i liked so much hope we be friends add me if u want ed

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