Isn'T It Funny? Poem by Maryam Khan

Isn'T It Funny?

Rating: 5.0

Think about it
Isn't it funny?
The world we are living in is just a dream
We are bad
We are doing evil
We waste our time running for money
We waste our time trying to get famous
But we don't see whats real
We don't realize the real person we are
We know the fact yet we don't notice it
Isn't it funny?
You may die tomorrow
Just think
You may die tomorrow
No money
No fame
No fun
No evil
Life's over!
Thats what we don't realize
Nothing is for granted
Not even our life
We may die tomorrow
So be a better man and don't live for life
Be a better man live for the death
You never know when your time comes
You never know when your time's up!
See the mirror
And ask the man in the mirror
Ask him to change himself
I wanna get this message straight
I wanna get this clear
You better change yourself
Maybe the time is near

Osama Waqar 16 November 2012

it is certainly not funny but a very fine write.

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Muhammad Ali 13 April 2009

It is funny........... great criticism it is a horrible fun friend

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Sadiqullah Khan 21 January 2009

Dont get angry, , life is like this, , poem is good and lovely, ,10

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Aijaz Asif 15 January 2009

yes time is near, instead that said time is almost here....another beautiful and courageous write from you with good and thought provoking messages....thanks 10++++ rgds asif

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Andrew mark Wilkinson 07 January 2009

So funny it makes you want to cry....

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