Heart of Ice Die Die Die

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Tell Me - Poem by Heart of Ice Die Die Die

Please just one more?
Just one little cut?
You have to stop!
Why do you keep
doing this to yourself?
To me?
Don't I mean anything to you?
But you just went
TOO far.
When I would give
the world to hear you laugh,
when I would die
if that would make you happy again,
when I would give up
everything just to see you smile,
and you ask me
if I CARE?
You mean the WORLD to me,
your such a huge part of my life.
Your my wall to fall back one,
you keep me standing,
just by being there.
You used to be so constant,
but now my best friend
flaked out on me
and gave me up
like a complicated algebra problem.
Was it easy?
Was it easy to walk out
and leave me behind?
Was it easy
to pretend I was your algebra homework?
Was it easy
to push me off the edge?
Do you still doubt me?
Do you still think
I don't care?
Do you want to know
how many tears I've cried?
Do you?
You know,
this was the first time
I've cut 'cuz of you
that wasn't guilt.
Did you know
that it keeps me up at night?
Did you know
that I can't be your friend anymore?
No, you didn't.
Just like you don't know
that our eyes remind me of trees
and when I see you I smile.
Like you don't know
that you stopped me.
You saved my life.
And I never told you.
Now do you see?
Do you see how much I care?
You used to be so steady, so constant,
you used to shove bits
of happiness into me
and tape up my heart
with your hugs and smiles.
well... you've seen them.


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Poem Submitted: Thursday, April 8, 2010

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