Thank You For The Music Dad Poem by Meggie Gultiano

Thank You For The Music Dad

Rating: 4.0

You went ahead
To welcome Mom in your arms
Forever holding hands together
In a permanent place you called home

Remembering you made my tears rolling
You are a good provider, our strength
Our teacher, friend and defender

You wanted to fill our home
with laughter and songs
you always smile, hear our cries
you cover us with your mantle of love

you never disciplined us with your stick
you taught us how to listen, not to be judgmental
to love and to be sensitive
to the needs of others

I always run to you when i am down
begging you to listen to all my woes
and you just embrace me, whispering..
'all is well, don't give up..
we have a God who hears you in heaven above'

Your music is your life
You wanted us to make music our life, too
Little did i know..that the music you taught me
Is the very music that will keep me through

Thank you for the music, the singing and the laughter
It echoed in my heart and my very soul
Thank you for all the wonderful things you did to me
Thank you for making me the kind of person
The Lord wanted me to be


I am sorry, i was not at your beck
To care for you
To hold your trembling hands
You wanted me to stay
But i did follow my heart
To a place where i know
I can be at peace

You promised to love Mom until the end
Praising God to no end
And i am here
Promising to see you all
When my time comes
There are plenty of rooms for the three of us
I promise to be good
I promise

a tribute to my loving father..thank you for reading...God bless you

Sandra Fowler 08 December 2008

May the music never end. A beautiful, poignant tribute to your Dad. Perhaps he, too, has read your poem and has lifted up a prayer for you, dear Meggie. Take care. Always your friend, Sandra

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Robert Howard 06 December 2008

A beautiful declaration of unconditional mutual devotion.

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Lynda Robson 02 December 2008

A lovely heartfelt tribute to your Dad, well written Meggie, Lynda xx

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Andrew mark Wilkinson 02 December 2008

This is loverly and loving Too, sweetie just wonderful... Andy 10

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Ency Bearis 02 December 2008

a beautiful tributary write to your Dad...heartfelt verses...very touching..10 **** Ency Bearis

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