Thank You Lord Poem by Meggie Gultiano

Thank You Lord

For giving me another year to celebrate life
For giving me wonderful PH friends
For all their encouraging comments
For sharing me their thoughts.
Thank you, Lord! !

I am just a simple person with simple dreams
But they made me special through out the year
They mean so much to me
How I wish I can give back the favors to them,
Thank you, Lord

On this very special day, my birthday
I thank you for taking care of me
For giving me hope when I was lost
For always reminding me that You Love me..
For all of this..I SAY..Thank you Lord..

October 11,2009.....

Carol Gall 11 October 2009

blessings meggie a beautiul thanks

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Happy Birthday too from me Meggie. This is a beautiful poem of appreciation and you a loving person who does not take anything for granted as your poem shows. What we reap we sow and may you be blessed for every more by God for all the love you so well deserve. love always Karin

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Patrick A. Martin 12 October 2009

Happy birthday for the 11th Oct. Meggie may we all enjoy many more together.

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Ravi A 12 October 2009

Dear, a very touching poem. A thanks giving poem. It has all the softness of your loving heart. This poem reminded me of 'Father, we thank thee for the night and for the pleasant morning light...'. Actually, we are indebted to this particular site that has enabled us to get to know each other through our poems and messages and comments. Everything serves as a seed. Time preserves it and reveal the purposes in due course. We wish you a memorable birthday. Thanks for sharing.

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Kesav Easwaran 11 October 2009

nice of you Meggie... said with all this humility...wish you a happy happy birth day...thanks...10

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David Harris 11 October 2009

Lil sis, you have always been a good friend and good partner in the works we have written together so it should be I thanking you and thanking God for my blessings. Top marks and thanks for sharing this with us. Hugs Big Bro

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