A Friend In Need, A Friend Indeed Poem by Meggie Gultiano

A Friend In Need, A Friend Indeed

Rating: 3.6

What has friendship got to do in times of need?
A thousand reasons perhaps for one to see
Someone in collaboration with unlikely times...,

Thus, I turn to the Great Provider for counsel
And wisdom for such trial,
For I too have also been there

Sometime, somewhere buddy!
I could not offer you fortune,
For I have none but perhaps
Some note to cheer you up

Like the earthworm burrowing in mud
To fit in some kind of home and feel 'comfy'...
Yes, that is you all the while,
Laughing our heartaches to no end

Until they got tired of you;
Such loving care I find in you, my friend-
A medicine to a searching soul for passion.

Sandra Fowler 05 August 2009

So wonderful to be rich in friends. They are the true gold in this journey we call life. A beautiful poem, Meggie. Your words are always uplifting In Proverbs we are told that, 'A friend loveth at all times'. And I am sure you do. Always your friend, SandraX

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Little Hatila ;) 05 August 2009

'Sometime, somewhere buddy! I could not offer you fortune, For I have none but perhaps Some note to cheer you up' it is so true they don't need fortune but your being there with them, that means the world to them....10 Hataw

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Mystic Indian 05 August 2009

neat and conversational verse - 8/10

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Samanyan Lakshminarayanan 05 August 2009

a wonderful poem on frienship..with warmth and love....10

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premji premji 06 August 2009

friendship is the way to god..................

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Kundai 17 April 2018

this poem is great eyyy

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Kevin Carney 21 August 2010

Great poem on friendship. so well expressed. I love reading this write :)

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Ezna Stephna 01 August 2010

a very emotion and well express poem on friendship......thanks for sharing, you are really good poet....10+++

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Prince Obed de la Cruz 09 January 2010

oh goodie! this one's great!

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Uriah Hamilton 16 August 2009

Thank God fro friendship.

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