Meggie Gultiano Poems

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The Last Embrace

You walked as fast as you could
Bringing with you some food to partake
Life is difficult, you have to make do
With the provisions the nuns have provided

A Little Fun Keeps You Young

A little fun keeps you young;
A little laughter keeps you bright.

My Poetry Journey

My poetry journey is nothing and nowhere to go
Without leaving a word or two
I need a companion along the way
With you in my thoughts each day

A Mother's Love

A Mother's Love

Nowhere will i find a love like a mother's love
Who did her best, to look her best

A Healing Prayer

My hands are folded as i bow down and pray
My expectant heart is waiting for you to say
Go in peace, rise my child, don't worry
I will be here for you till eternity

The Ferris Wheel Of Life

(A collab write with Kayte, a fellow poet)

We're going to ride the Ferris Wheel of Life
And when it gets to the top,

A Woman Of Faith

I am a woman of faith
To a one true God
Depending, leaning and relying
I run to You in prayer

A Reason And A Purpose

A Reason And A Purpose

Our life's journey here on earth
has a reason and a purpose

A Poemhunter Away..

There's a place i know and love
A place called a poet's home
Pens and minds meet
Time, tears and gold were set.

A Friend In Need, A Friend Indeed

What has friendship got to do in times of need?
A thousand reasons perhaps for one to see
Someone in collaboration with unlikely times...,

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