The Cat Inside The Bird Poem by Tamra Craft

Tamra Craft

Green Bay, Wisconsin

The Cat Inside The Bird

I see you floundering in a world you thought you knew
You once saw it in ticks and tocks, and pay checks…
You were blindly tripping down someone else’s path
Playing cards dealt from unknown player’s decks…

You once saw a life through someone else’s window
And thought that yours ought to bare resemblance
So you slid your way onto that path for a time
Countless lessons you have learned since.

Now it would appear that you, this jay bird are free
From its button down shirt prison, its name badge cage
From nagging lips and selfish fingers that never saw your strength
Set free from the frivolity of weekdays, accounts and age.

And though your wings are slightly tattered with time
And your spirit is dusty around the edges where no one has cared,
If you spread them towards what makes you smile
If you do what so very few souls around you have dared.

There is a pure fire within you that you want desperately to hide.
You are afraid that it won’t be appreciated if you let it show
You fear having hope in something, only to be disappointed…
But the past will weigh you down forever if you never let it go.

Strength froths warm beneath a peaceful exterior
Intelligence and an intense soul show in your eyes
I have always thought their was so much more to you
But you never let me in more than hellos and goodbyes.

I hope that someone else is bolder than I was
And meets a chance to get through your armor.
Or that you decide to open it up a crack yourself
And let someone see that old snake charmer.

That one I glimpsed here and there in Smokey clouds
Or in your unguarded face while you were reading…
The same one that hid behind practiced speeches of morality
Winking at me and silently, disagreeing…

If for once you would let the cat inside the bird take over
It would not take long for you to see
The world would better understand your nature
Only then will you be free…


Tamra Craft

Green Bay, Wisconsin
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