Thanks For Remembering Us Poem by Dana Gioia

Thanks For Remembering Us

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The flowers sent here by mistake,
signed with a name that no one knew,
are turning bad. What shall we do?
Our neighbor says they're not for her,
and no one has a birthday near.
We should thank someone for the blunder.
Is one of us having an affair?
At first we laugh, and then we wonder.

The iris was the first to die,
enshrouded in its sickly-sweet
and lingering perfume. The roses
fell one petal at a time,
and now the ferns are turning dry.
The room smells like a funeral,
but there they sit, too much at home,
accusing us of some small crime,
like love forgotten, and we can't
throw out a gift we've never owned.

Jasbir Chatterjee 21 December 2011

good poem! Success in life is all about perfect timing, being at the right place and at the right time...the flowers in this poem just went to the wrong place, the way it is like in life most often...

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Paul Anthony 20 December 2012

Lovely little poem. it seems to sum up those little mysteries in life that leave you wondering..............

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Asim Khan 20 December 2012

Great metaphor. There are times when events occur in our lives and we do not appreciate them then. The flowers represented those. Excellent poem.

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Walter Durk 26 September 2007

Not bad, but not my favorite poem by a long shot.

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Kim Barney 20 December 2014

Nicely done. Triggers the imagination, and it's probably happened more than once!

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Pranab K Chakraborty 20 December 2014

Marvelous. So different is the look to look at the happening of nature and universe. It is perhaps the quality to go beyond time. We all actually searching such new look towards life and object. Unique indeed and obviously universal. Good post by PH.

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Douglas Scotney 20 December 2013

no end to mysteries, Dana

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Anil Kumar Panda 20 December 2013

Cant say who sent the flowers but a beautiful drop.liked it.

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Lyn Paul 20 December 2013

How sweet, these would be a lovely weekly surprise. thank you Dana. May this surprise come again

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Dana Gioia

Dana Gioia

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