The Day We Met(Who Knew) * Poem by God is Good

The Day We Met(Who Knew) *

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The day we met
you made my day seem a little bright.
Your words seemed to force a smile
upon my lips.
I couldn't help but to wonder
where it'd all lead.
Once we started to talk
I noticed your perfection,
and got afraid.
I wanted to run, but thought that maybe
you were what I'd been missing.
Though it hasn't been long,
it feels like forever since you've been my friend.
Never have I been able to rely on someone
so dependable.
I've yet to meet a person as caring as you are.
Yet to meet someone that's capable of making me smile
even a little... but you did, and you continue to do so.
Now that we're friends,
I hate not having the chance to talk to you.
My day seems to depend on you,
or it'll be ruined.
I can't do anything without thinking of you.
When we first met,
who knew that you'd have the ability to
make everything seem alright.


Je vous en prie, Leslie

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hey...... this poem.......came from a good heart..... its this your friend sees... merci beaucoup.

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