The Aggressive Invasion Of A Mean Mosquito Poem by MOHAMMAD SKATI

The Aggressive Invasion Of A Mean Mosquito

Immediately everything turns into a ugly war and Into an ugly invasion of a mean mosquito into my Poor body when this little and irresponsible Creature starts to attack me and to invade the uncovered Spots in my feet and in my uncovered hands, Do I need more and more troubles and problems In my life in addition to what I have right now? A little mosquito stealthily and suddenly attacks Me and invades me with all its power and might, I don't feel the pain that causes to me immediately, But after a short period of time I start rubbing my skin, Sometimes I jump and I start crying the painful Effect it lets on my poor and helpless body, I did not do anything wrong to that little and mean Creature, but it might be hungry and starving, It hurts me too much to suffer and to rub my poor Body as long as it takes to quell my sufferings and pain, Sometimes I wait this little mosquito to come and rests On a certain spot on my body to revenge and to retaliate, A lot of blood got absorbed by this little creature being Taken from my boy its I am in a blood band donating my blood, This is not the way because everyday I suffer a lot from These little mosquitoes and their ugly invasion of my body, This is a daily and an endless war between a poor person Like me and a little and and ugly creature all the time, I am tired and helpless because of the on-going war between Me as a human being and between a little mosquito as an insect, I suffer a lot and it hurts me too much the ugly invasion of A mean mosquito in a world which is full of a lot of wars, and I don't think this on-going war is going to end soon, but on The contrary it is going to go on for ever and ever as long as This little mosquito attacks and invades my poor body.

Brian Jani 28 June 2014

What a lengthy poem.i realy enjoyed it to the end.

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