The Birthday Card Poem by Ernestine Northover

The Birthday Card

Rating: 4.7

What Birthday Card, for him, can I acquire,
An ordinary one is not what he'd desire,
Perhaps it needs a 'funny' joke,
That's right for a 'fun' bloke,
I hope on the finding of one, I can aspire.

There are some mushy rhymes that make me cringe,
With slushy words that on my mind impinge,
They certainly are not right,
My choice, they are not quite,
I'm sure if I bought one I'd have a whinge.

Maybe a lovely scenic one would suit,
But I do prefer a card that gives a 'hoot',
I like to raise a smile,
Cos, I really hate to rile,
And I won't upset this man, he's really 'cute'.

I have found one with a picture of some wine
In bottles, which is a decidedly good sign,
But the colours are so bland,
That it's really not that grand,
And I'd like to send him one he'll know is mine.

Hey! I think I have the answer and it's this,
I'll buy some wine and chocs which are delish,
I'll knock on his front door,
With these offerings and more,
And start his birthday rolling with a kiss.

© Ernestine Northover

Mohit Katyal 12 July 2017

unique way of writing keep it up

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Mohit Katyal 12 July 2017

a unique way of writing keep it up

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Duncan Wyllie 09 May 2006

You seem to see so much it the smallest of things, this in my mind is the art of great poetry, for if you can see so much in the small things then imagine what you are capable of in the larger picture, love Duncan

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