The Boat I Sail Poem by Ernestine Northover

The Boat I Sail

Rating: 4.9

I'm looking into a picture of a turbulent stormy sea,
And imagining I am battling against its wild fury.
The winds are whipping cruelly around the boat I sail,
Lashing it with salt spray, hurricane and gale.

The waves are rising skywards, fifty feet or more,
And I can hardly see at all, in this violent downpour,
Clouds are dark and heavy, rumblings can be heard,
But in the midst of this cacophony, I spy no living bird.

It's as if the world is angry, stirring up a fearful fight,
I try to hold the craft on course, struggling in my plight,
The ocean is never static, it is restess all the while,
Forever in perpetual motion, and constantly hostile.

I stand back now from the image, of power uncontrolled,
The painter creates a vision that's forceful, strong and bold,
He has captured all the terror, the brutality of the deep,
In just a few deft brush strokes, this drama begins to seep.

Into my mind, and whilst dreaming, a fantasy can start,
About being heroic and daring, fearless, brave and smart.
Such a confrontation here, between me and the water's rage,
Thinking I could possibly, such ill humour, thus assuage.

But I know I would wait forever to see calmness in this scene,
For it is a painting, sealed in time, and could never be serene.

Chuck Audette 31 January 2007

Wonderful wordsmithing, I was awash in powerful images. You've gotten me curious - what was the painting that was so inspiring? A Winslow Homer, perhaps? -chuck

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Duncan Wyllie 25 January 2007

A power-packed stream of excitment, full of heroic energy and atmosphere, Well done again Ernestine! Love duncan X

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Patricia Gale 22 January 2007

Life and nature can relate so well together..... outstanding imagery here Ernestine.

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Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 22 January 2007

Only one thing more eloquent than the craftwork executed in this poem... And that would be the Atisan who has created hundreds of such Poems... And that be you, young lass... F. j. R.

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Terrance Woolridge 22 January 2007


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