The Bench Poem by Ernestine Northover

The Bench

Rating: 4.7

I saw her and felt very sad
There she was, thinly clad,
Sitting on a bench on a railway station,
Motionless, there was no animation,
No showing of any observation,
Her aura was one of devastation,
Although things were happening all around her,
Nothing seemed to make her move or even stir,
Actually no movement of any kind,
She was acting, totally blind,
No spark of recognition,
Or of making a decision,
Staring blankly into space,
As if lost without a trace.
I wondered what was making her this way,
All I could do for her, was to silently pray,
And watch the tears go sliding down her face,
Oblivious of the place, that was her location,
Which was, sitting on a bench on a railway station.

© Ernestine Northover

Esther Leclerc 13 May 2006

Such a compassionate take on a stranger's cares... beautifully done.

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Duncan Wyllie 11 April 2006

Painfully sad, but expressed with such skill, I pictured her sitting there, Love duncan

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David Mitchell 04 November 2005

This poem brought tears to my eyes.

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Keiah Delu 17 October 2005

Wow...I felt sad over a bench, well-written

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