Rahul Joshi

The Boat - Poem by Rahul Joshi

A boat sails quietly, moving into glory,
glory makes us beautiful,
beautiful is the violin,
violin makes me cry,
crying is a child, one who is hungry,
hungry is the river in which there is a boat,
a boat sails quietly, moving into glory..

a bell sounds a prayer,
a prayer is pure,
pure are the friends,
friends are in the pictures,
pictures are from dreams,
dreams are captivating,
captivating is the sound,
the sound comes from the boat,
the boat sails quietly, moving into glory..

papa gifts a car,
car honks a scooter,
a scooter is paddled,
paddles get broken,
broken is an old chair,
chair comes from wood,
wood makes a boat,
a boat sails quietly, moving into glory..

a baby drinks milk,
milk from her mother,
mother is the daddy of all,
all are innocent,
innocent is the smile,
smile is from memory,
memory makes us travel,
travelers are on a boat,
a boat sails quietly, moving into glory..

ace is not always the ace,
ace is sometimes a joker,
a joker plays a guitar,
guitar sings a song,
song sings the notes,
notes are the guide,
guide is a sailor,
sailor was sindabad,
sindabad the sailor,
sailor sails the boat,
boat makes us travel,
travel through the woods,
wood gives a boat,
boat makes a sound,
sound is captivating,
captivating is the picture,
picture is of a boat,
boat is in the river,
river shoulders the weight,
the weight of a boat,
a boat sails quietly, moving in to glory...

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Poem Submitted: Friday, April 29, 2011

Poem Edited: Saturday, May 7, 2011

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