The Bond Poem by Patrick Ladbrooke

The Bond

Rating: 4.6

I remember nights of roaring surf,
The long rods nodding with the pull,
Watching in the hiss and glare of pressure lamps,
Waiting with my father, for the fish to run.

And run they did, made lines sing in the wind,
Smooth muscled silver-green flanked cod,
Gorged plump on shrimp shoaled in the scour.
We cradled them from breaker’s undertow,
Our sea soaked clothes raw in the cold of night,
To marvel as they glistened on the sand.
Next day, served on our plates,
They tasted like they’d swum from seas of heaven.

But time has stolen him away from me,
And I have lost the heart, for fishing was our bond,
Yet still I look out on the starry, surf filled, fishless nights
To think of how it was;
Just waiting for the moon to light a seaward path,
And wishing it could take me back to then.

Milos Jovanka 02 November 2012

Terrific Write! you really captured the scene with poignancy and endearment, every line was crisp and magnetic and it would really make your father proud, I thank him for providing you the experience to write this

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Aimanu Begum 02 November 2012

A beautiful poem of nostalgia with beautifully drawn images visualizing the scenes presented in the poem.The longing to belong to the past by the poet is strongly felt in the last stanza.

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Richard James 01 November 2012

Some of the best verse I've read recently. Thank you for the emotional experience.

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Deva De Silva 31 October 2012

Your words spin vivid scenes in the reader’s mind. The tug at the rods, drenched clothes, the chill and the moonlit fish making a run for it. Amazing imagery. delightfully spun lines and skilfully crafted story-telling.

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Alison Cassidy 02 January 2009

This is stunning Patrick - the reader can smell the salt air and see the silvery flash of scales and wild fishes eyes. And the final stanza breaks the reader's heart. The power of bond and the neverending pain of loss are shared with grace and without sentimentality. Beautifully crafted poem. Love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Bill Upton 31 October 2014

Patrick, Your poem about the bond between your father and you was understood and deliberate. There IS a bond between a boy and his dad that might not ever be explained outside of poetry. It is different than all other relationships. It is the agent that defines who and what we become and do. I lost my dad, also, and wrote a poem, Stalemate if you choose to read it. It summarily says that we who have been taught must now become the teacher. Your writing is very poignant and well structured. I commend your poet's heart on writing about such a personal and painful matter.

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Kim Barney 31 October 2014

Absolutely beautiful. Reminds me of fishing with my father.

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Babatunde Aremu 31 October 2014

This is nostalgic. We don't appreciate what we are going through when young. A deep reflection of the past gives us a great memory. The poet has done this perfectly well. Kudos

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Jasbir Chatterjee 31 October 2014

Lovely poem...Our memories of time spent with our parents are always too poignant to be forgotten...

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Mark Dillon 05 November 2012

Brilliant poem, very nostalgic, great memories that will never erase the special bond shared, thanks for sharing.

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