The Burden On My Heart Poem by Beena Jal

The Burden On My Heart

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my heart is so heavy
my way hopelessly foggy

my smile; so shallow
my hopes; so hollow

my happiness incomplete
my dreams, not so sweet

my days not so jolly
for me, i feel sorry

even my tears are dry
how long can one cry?

after all this pain
what have i really gained?

i tried my very best
put all my abilities to test

'sorrow cant defeat me'
'successful, i will be'

hah! what a childish thought
my joy will have to rot

no matter what i do
i, myself am a prisoner too

truly happy I'll never be
don't be deceived by a smiling me

my world is sinking fast
i don't know how long I'll last

my heart is dying within
no one seems to notice it

maybe i'm too sensitive
this is how everyone lives

i try to run, to hide
open my mouth, smile wide

life is good, i say
my feelings, i never betray

huh! is that what i feel
on my heart's deepest seal

if i ever sit and think
my heart starts to sink

i try to hide from me
try to bury my own plee

ah - my heart is dying slowly
if others would understand it only!

Jay H. 13 July 2009

Mm, if only others did understand.: O

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Lily Law 25 September 2009

Somehow, this poem reminds me a poem I wrote before 'Yesterday'. Anyway, life can be really exhausting sometimes. But it's all depend on ourselves to change it and maybe to make it a bit better. I like the expressions in it. The words just flowing out nicely.. Keep it up ya! ! ^-^

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Muhammad Ali 02 August 2009

A pure poem, well composed! ! but i like it because..... it explains something lively, breathing, ... the LIFE, and it is not about the DEATH! good work Friend! 10..

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Hari Khabrani 23 July 2009

Dear Poet, You are in love devastatingly and feel lone. You need an hand on your shoulder to console you, take it me to and feel reconciled ever? Never mind poet, you are in love to whom is required pats? Be careful of your age and growing love?

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Louis Clarke 18 July 2009

amazing piece really touching

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Obinna Eruchie 18 July 2009

Oh my! You reminded me of what I went through. A touching piece.

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Beena Jal

Beena Jal

Rawalpindi, Pakistan
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