The Choice Poem by Edith Nesbit

The Choice

Rating: 2.9

PLAGUE take the dull and dusty town,
Its paved and sordid mazes,
Now Spring has trimmed her pretty gown
With buttercups and daisies!

With half my heart I long to lie
Among the flowered grasses,
And hear the loving leaves that sigh
As their sweet Mistress passes.

Through picture-shows I make my way
While flower-crowned maids go maying,
And all the cultured things I say
That cultured folk are saying.

For I renounce Spring's darling face,
With may-bloom fresh upon it:
My Mistress lives in Grosvenor-place
And wears a Bond-street bonnet!

Danny Draper 15 August 2012

This is defiance in a time of conformity to so many mores and social conventions especially constricting to women.

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Besa Dede 16 August 2012

This poem is so beautifully expressed, full of feeling and desire for learning and exploring the world. The poem is obviously composed to defy the restrictions of the society towards women in that era. And indeed, Edith herself was one of those rebellious ones. She travelled Europe and Balkan and visited many places, which was unusual for a woman of her times. I love the way Edith writes!

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Karen Sinclair 14 August 2012

How devine is this? i love it so so much, saved to favourites i love how she dreams to lay free within adoring leaves but is obviously sick and tired of the restrictive shallowness of fashions society and all things that hold back her free spirit... a real yay! moment for me, how we all perform the expected dance and say the expected say ever dreaming of just once doing as one pleases ....

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Barb Mcavaney 15 August 2012

I enjoyed reading this. From a time when there was restrictions placed on women, and trying to break free and do what they wanted.

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Ansh .s. gatkine 15 February 2018

amazing Edith you are wonderful

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Ansh .s. gatkine 15 February 2018

amazing Edith you are wonderful

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Barry Jablonski 27 August 2012

Very Nice Edith.....very well written! !

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Poet Dragon 21 August 2012

Elegant, Edith. Simply amazing.

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Kingsley U. Ayi 18 August 2012

I like the clever use of words. Good job!

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