The Church Bells Poem by Edward George Dyson

The Church Bells

Rating: 2.7

The Viennese authorities have melted down
the great bell in St. Stephen's to supply metal
for guns or muntions. Every poor village
has made a similar gift.—Lokal Anzeiger.

The great bell booms across the town,
Reverberant and slow,
And drifting from their houses down
The calm-eyed people go.
Their feet fall on the portal stones
Their fathers' fathers trod;
And still the bell, with reverent tones,
From cottage nooks and purple thrones
Is calling souls to God.

The chapel bells with ardor spake
Above the poplars tall,
And perfumed Sabbath seemed to wake.
Responsive to their call
From dappled vale and green hillside
And nestling village hives
The peasants came in simple pride
To hear how their Lord Jesus died
To sweeten all their lives.

They boom beyond the battered town;
The hills are belching smoke;
And valleys charred and ranges brown
Are quaking 'neath the stroke.
The iron roar to Heaven swells,
And domes and steeples nod;
Through cities vast and ferny dells
And village streets the clamant bells
Are calling souls to God!

Chinedu Dike 10 October 2019

Well articulated piece of poetry elegantly brought forth with clarity of thought and mind...........................

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* Sunprincess * 15 August 2015

....beautiful rhythm, so amazing ?

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Michael Morgan 15 August 2015

Very tidy, well-crafted poem, despite the bathos of the 'message'. Highly artificial, it doesn't read so. The 'ecclesio-centric message is worthy of the converted Verlaine: see 'Tournez, tournez bons cheveaux de bois'. MM

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Nanthinii Mohan 15 August 2015

An exemplar poem that nails humans' endless corrupt and crave for power. Added to that is one heartbreaking portrayal of the demise of human and humane virtues. Destroying the symbols which many believe to be their calling card to the divine is again an indirect note of shattered hopes. Wars after all doesn't stop with destroying the serenity of lands, but also the tranquility of one's mind.

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Ramesh T A 15 August 2015

Nicely the significance of church bell is expressed by the poet!

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