The Coconut Tree - I Poem by Parameswaran Nair Damodaran Nair

The Coconut Tree - I

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No tree is so relevant in Indian life
As the coconut tree and its nuts
Mythologically the tree lists one
Among the treasures that surfaced
While churning the milky ocean.
Jointly by the Gods and the demons
It was to adorn the celestial garden
That Indra took it to the heaven,
And Krishna brought it down to earth
As a gift for his wife Sathyabhama
It's Kalpavriksha, mystically capabie
Of providing everything to the needy.

Coconut tree is a gift of God
Geeta Radhakrishna Menon 02 January 2021

Dear Poet, i fully agree that Coconut tree is a gift of God. That it is a Kalpavrika is amazing.5 Stars

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 15 December 2020

A wonderful story about a tree that has been so useful to humanity. Every integral part of the coconut tree has its own use. Beautifully conveyed and crafted with great images. Five Stars! ! ! ! ! !

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Thank you very much dear RMJ. I am happy to introduce the story hidden deep in the myth

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Valsa George 15 December 2020

Unfortunately this tree is almost getting extinct from our areas. The compounds with healthy, high yielding palm groves are becoming vacant. It is so sad! This 'Kalpavriksha' should be revived with more infection resistant varieties. You have beautifully analysed the myth behind the coconut tree!

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Thank you dear poetess Valsa George. I firmly beleive that the modern agricultural inventions have made emerge unhealthy varieties of cross breed. Let us hope for the olld ones which can withstand the harms for more than a century

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Savita Tyagi 14 December 2020

Thank you for the story. I didn't know the coconut tree symbolizes the Kalpvreksha. In north Mango tree is that versatile tree.

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Thank you Savitaji. The versatile use of tha Kalpa Vriksha is well known

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Rajnish Manga 13 December 2020

So nice. A poem dedicated to this divine coconut tree. My sincere thanks for showing its link with stories of Indian mythology like that of Samudra-manthan, Indra and Sri Krishna. Thanks a lot sir.

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Thank you Rajnishji. The Kalpavriksha much revered in Indian culture deserves mention poetically

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