The Color Of A Woman

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She must have be strong in facing her life when she was out of blue
When she felt poor in yellow
It was really hard until I saw her beet red
She must struggle in giving Her children tickled pink
But you may see that her neighbor live in green
This can happen because she was in black

She was illiterate and look black
This made her life was so really blue
her husband divorced her with a reason of green
but that reason was a lie because of the insistence and violence and made it into yellow
she received the decision in the divorce papers with envelopes of pink
Her children were four and they were in red

Now she is in the red
She looks for a job in the street of black
over time he weakened and her face becomes pink
she refuses to feel blue
She doesn't want to feel yellow
she wants to live with her four children in peace and green

Fortunately, in front of the house left by his parents, there was grass in green
at her father's house of red
she started making plans by making a toilet of code yellow
She always waited customer money box that color was Black
She never felt Blue
Her face was no more Pink

There are so many male customers who tease her when she wears colored clothes Pink
But she always refuses because she feels comfortable with his four children in green
Even though she once felt in love with a well-dressed man of Blue
However she realizes that if she falls in the man's arms, her four children will not be taken care of and that can be red
While sipping a cup of colored coffee of black
Suddenly someone came to bring a bunch of flowers dominated by color of yellow

with a beautiful and graceful woman wearing clothes of yellow
in a park there are colorful buildings of pink
while the bachelor who really loves him is wearing a colored shirt of black
in perfect sync with the scenery, the colorful trees and grass of green
the bachelor carries the engagement ring in the box of red
the widow was shocked beyond measure and couldn't help but feel happy mixed of blue

The man in black confidently proposes to the widow in yellow
There is no Blue and no Pink
They must live in Green happily and can married in carpet of Red

Widow who married with bachelor in happily and green