Brad Jacole Sieths

Rookie (10/08 / Colorado)

The Dark Decent - Poem by Brad Jacole Sieths

This is the story of the dark decent of a man
In case you’re wondering you can call him Stan
It all begins in a big, blank hospital room
His dark decent into the darkness of doom

Stan had a comparative mother
Told him not to be like his brother
Told him to work on becoming exactly like his sister
Didn’t appreciate even if he worked ‘til he got a blister

Stan’s mother told him how to do his hair
So he told her “Why the *expletive* do you care? ”
Went to the bathroom and shave it off
Ran away from his home with hardly a cough

Got caught up in smoking some hard *expletive*
Didn’t care about anything except the next hit
People around him that he dared to call friends
On the inside he’s to afraid to make amends

Did anything to get some more crack
Everyone looking at him, like he’s whack
Flashing lights ended his last attempt at getting some money
As he was pushed into the car he was laughing like it was funny

A concerned mother came to bail him out of jail
Stan too high to feel the embarrassment of his fail
A family trying to help any way they could
Stan doing nothing that they say he should

Stan went to go forget all of his troubles in drugs
Most of his family responded with mere shrugs
Real family and friends chased after him all night
Unaware of the upcoming and looming blight

Stan went to one of his favorite spots
Dealers peddling their magical pots
Stan with no money asked for some
When they said no he pulled a gun

The dealers weren’t even fazed
BAM! Stan’s last face looked amazed
Loved ones chased to the fallen man
Days later they arranged a funeral for Stan

Stan in the depths of his subconscious admits his regrets
Noticing that his family and friends acquired all his debts
Stan should have apologized that same day he left
But he was so young, amazingly stupid and deft

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Poem Edited: Wednesday, May 18, 2011

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