The Dream

Rating: 4.9

You came to me again last night,
And in my dreams I held you so tight.
I smell your sweet perfume and touch your warm skin,
Your face so clear, your lips so near.

So many years since we last parted,
Lost our dreams and got broken hearted.
God only knows after all of this time,
How it can be that you come back to me.

I walk down the Town and scan all the faces,
I think I see you and my heart just races.
So many things I’m wanting to tell you,
So many things I’m wanting to know.

Has life been kind are you happy now,
It means such a lot, I really must know.
Things that I said that I want to put straight,
Tell you the reasons and just how I felt.

Things that you said, how much did you mean,
Was it reality or all just a dream.
How can it mean so much to me now,
I really don’t know, it’s a life time ago.

But there is still a place, down deep in my soul,
A lonely place with your name writ on.
Maybe it’s that, or the part of my heart,
That was kept for you when we had to part.

God only knows after all of this time,
Just how it can be, you still come back to me.

Ana Monnar 11 September 2007

Beautiful romantic poem................A 10 plus.........

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Princess Me 03 August 2007

David, I sure can relate to this piece. Whether they come to you in a dream or in just can't help but many questions....Another wonderful write. Love Princess

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David Harris 27 July 2007

David, if I ever met the person who once stole my heart forty odd years ago I'd want to know the same questions you ask. Whenever I'm out I always scan faces just hoping to see them. One thing I always forget I'm looking for someone as used to be not as they might look now. Another beautiful poem that I know comes straight from the heart. Someone who experiences the same thing can always tell. Top marks and thanks for sharing my friend. David

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Amanda May Moore 01 July 2007

wow, that was beautiful. wow wow wow I love this poem!

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helloo...i really can relate to this poem.I dreamed of him even if we parted long time ago.. It's just that, I know, i still can get over him.I'd still wish it us who's together right now...Nice one. Keep it up!

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