The Falcon Poem by Lee Geoghegan

The Falcon

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I recall a life when I could fly,
Gliding gracefully upon cool winds way up high,
My prey lived in fear, I used to terrify,
I was a falcon, a raptor of the sky.

I soared majestically over great skies above,
Preparation for the hunt was a labour of love,
Cruising great valleys and magnificent hills,
The sweat and toil all worthwhile, when the blood finally spills.

Scouring below for an unwitting victim to stalk,
Suddenly, I'm diving upon my prey like a tomahawk,
My mind made up, my focus absolute,
Blazing through the clouds, I'm in full pursuit.

The thrill of the hunt, the same old story since ancient Babylon,
My prey ‘none the wiser' until he was sprung upon,
Clasping him tightly within my powerful talon,
His last breath taken, now a journey to Avalon.

It was after my accident when it all became clear,
The life I lived before I ended up here,
It all came flooding back and brought many a tear,
That other life I once embraced and held oh so dear.

Once upon a time, I was a falcon,
The blue sky my territory, my conquered domain,
I welcomed the harshest winds and the rain,
This incredible revelation has numbed all of my pain.

I was once quite different from the man you see now,
This life is just a dream that I've awoken from somehow,
Fortunately, my injuries are too severe, it's time to take a bow,
For I long to return to those blue skies once more, that's my dying vow.

The Falcon
Wednesday, February 1, 2023
Topic(s) of this poem: nature,hunting,life and death,beauty,landscapes,sky
This poem is the tale of a man who has suffered a severe accident, after his accident he has awoken in a hospital bed with the realisation that he has lived many previous lives, one of which was when he was a falcon, he lays motionless and broken in his bed as he reminisces of that life he cherished so much, and his heart begins to yearn for it once again.
Nosheen Irfan 02 February 2023

Great descriptive write! Full of thrilling imagery.

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Lee Geoghegan 02 February 2023

Thank you Nosheen, I'm happy you enjoyed it.

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MAHTAB BANGALEE 02 February 2023

the poem has been crafted allegorically; nice to read

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Lee Geoghegan 02 February 2023

Thank you Mahtab.

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Rob Lamberton 01 February 2023

Great falcon imagery!

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Lee Geoghegan 02 February 2023

Cheers Rob.

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