The Field And The Bench Poem by Sebastian Melmoth

The Field And The Bench

The field and the bench old friends holding hands united in each other's purpose revealed
A bench loving placed in the middle of a beautiful field

A delightful resting place, the meeting place, a place for lover's dependence
Romantic charm, striking transcendence

Upright, peaceful radiating tranquil calmness
Weathered but noble a Greek somnus

Imagination descends, the weight of history felt as we rest on your weary structures
The scenic furniture, environments spectator captures

Surrounded by mother nature's beauty glow
A warrior through the elements, a true survivor of seasons flow

Picturesque, quaint and pleasing
Hands of time eternally teasing

Sentiments of those that have been before
Amorousness appreciation of your breath-taking allure

The virtual sand passing through the hourglass
Soon time to say goodbye alas

As we leave the old friends the field and the bench, they remain embraced and loyal
Now distant in beauties eye as we walk away back to the arms of life's turmoil

In life's painful tribulations, there will always be a beauty spot that you once graced
Revisit the old friends letting their healing tenderness in your head be forever placed

The Field And The Bench
Sunday, September 15, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: beauty,emotion,environment,nature
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